LATOI browser is an advanced technology product developed by Vietnamese people in Australia but it also has a global competitiveness. You will definitely feel useful for your experiences if you are having a smart phone, laptop,…Let’s figure out about LATOI BROWSER – A technology product of LATOI Group Australia in this article.

We are now witnessing a dramatic change in the digital era of the industrial revolution 4.0. All the huge data of the world, we are all accessible through the Internet. Therefore, today users are often humorous with each other: “People must know their history, if they do not know, then look up Google”. 

In this era of technology, most people search for information through the Internet rather than printed or looking up paper books. This shows that the need to use search engines for information and data through web browsers is increasing with an extremely large number of users each day. In order to meet such a large amount of accessing, current web browsers are constantly being updated with features and technology development to meet the global usage demand.

Imagine that five billion Internet users, the prerequisite to use the Internet optimally is a smooth web browser with all necessary features to serve users. We are also familiar with these browser as Google Chrome, FireFox, Coc Coc, Safari,.., However, there is a worrying fact today that most of our personal data are compromised during searching information in browsers. A good web browser not only has fast access speed but also has high security. If you are looking for a suitable solution for all of your technology devices, ensuring access speed, privacy and security, then LATOI BROWSER is the right choice.


LATOI BROWSER is an open source web browser optimized for using of a search engine without tracking users, integrated with the Web RTC technology platform, Artificial intelligence. LATOI browser officially launched to the community with the desire to contribute and build community, respect and security of user information.

Before deeply understanding into the highlight features of LATOI BROWSER. Let’s take a look at LATOI GROUP – Browser developer. From there, we will understand the purpose and meaning of the birth of LATOI BROWSER for our Vietnamese community.


LATOI GROUP was developed by a group of Vietnamese programmers who graduated from the top of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. With more than 15 years of experience working in  technology corporations in Australia, Canada and supporting projects for IBM of the French government, Microsoft….In 2010,They established LATOI GROUP in Australia, after its establishment, the company was one of the important partners of Interfracht Oversea Ltd Switzerland, Hong Kong, Shanghai,… which specializes in providing technology solutions, consulting software. In particular, they launched a product is Portable Printer which is integrated IoT technology to support vending processes, located in restaurants, restaurants and supermarket chains.

Over 8 years of continuous development and success in Australia, the group of programmers have always cherished the desire to look toward Vietnam. They are all intelligent people, qualified, knowledgeable, with many years of practical experiences. However, above all is the love for the homeland and the country. They really want to bring Blockchain & AI technology to the Vietnamese community in all fields.

In 2018, BOM – SOFTWARE established in Vietnam as a member company of LATOI GROUP. BOM company is responsible for developing high-tech solutions such as AI, Blockchain, Cloud System,…and applicable to all fields of agriculture, industry, commerce, service, … The first Plant Doctor in Vietnam in association with CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International) ( to help detect diseases of crops, connect farmers and agricultural experts in the world.

In 2020, DGP TECHNOLOGY – a member company of LATOI GROUP established after more than 10 years of incubation, also marked the birth of LATOI BROWSER. DGP TECHNOLOGY is responsible for providing high-tech solutions of LATOI GROUP closer to the users. LATOI BROWSER product is integrated the new technology platform of World wide Web RTC, Artificial intelligence which officially launched to the community with the desire to contribute and build community, respect and confidentiality of information user.

Our mission is to bring artificial intelligence technology products to the community, elevate the value of user experience and look forward to a future generation in step with technology. Now, LATOI GROUP has launched six products including:

➢ LATOI Browser: An advanced web browser integrated the technology of World Wide Web RTC and artificial intelligence with high security.
Hosting & Domain: The Space on the server has Internet services installed, such as world wide web (www), file transfer (FTP), mail…, you can store web page content or data on that space.
➢ School System: School management system is provided in the form of an online software on LATOI browser platform. You just need to download the LATOI browser, then access the School System web browser and wherever you are, by any devices (computer, laptop, phone, …) can be used. School System is written based on an international standard management system that used by schools in Australia, the US and Canada. It includes many tools such as school management, student management, teacher management, and scheduling management, classroom management, attendance … In which, the software is integrated with Big Data, AI technology to support searching, retrieving, analyzing, making reports about students, learning results … Access link to see:
➢ Video meeting: The software has been integrated on the website platform, directly supporting video meeting activities for meetings, teaching, … without having to install any other plug-in. Link to access:
➢ Track for cargo: The software uses real-time image data retrieval of goods in the logistics field. Allowing users and carriers to check and track the schedule of goods. Link to access:
➢ AI Doctor: An application that is integrated Big Data technology and Artificial Intelligence to identify and analyze symptoms and disease crops, directly connect farmers and agricultural experts, and thus giving timely solutions. (Download the app to your phone).

LATOI GROUP continues to orient the development of products integrating AI technology, Blockchain in all fields of industry, agriculture, commerce, service … for global application. In 2021, the orientation of developing secure App Chat and LATOI Social Network protects users to bring a better experience and more security.


Mr. Nguyen Xuan Quang – CEO of DGP Technology

Meet directly with Mr. Nguyen Xuan Quang – CEO of DGP Technology, I can listen to him share about LATOI browser. I really do not know how to describe the feeling at that time. It is the admiration and pride of seeing the technology products created by the Vietnamese people, but comparable to the world. LATOI BROWSER creates a green, clean, safe technology environment, serves the community and brings optimal technology values ​​in the most effective way. Not just limited to security for users with features unsaving user data, allowing browsing with incognito mode. LATOI BROWSER aims to contribute to protecting safety – national network security. Limiting the influence of other browser platforms when managed by a foreign organization, in order to eliminate the negative effects of coordinating and leading public opinion with the internet information. As well as avoiding being monitored by a foreign organization through analyzing internet habits of people within a country.

For Vietnamese community only, when using LATOI browser, each user is provided with free Hosting. This comes from the desire to support and accompany pupils, students, Startup-ers in the journey of Start-up accompanying the development of the country, Latoi Group gives free Hosting to encourage and support the Vietnamese community in the startup process or simply industrialize a demo profile by building a personal website.

LATOI Browser is friendly, safe, integrated with many utilities.

LATOI BROWSER is very user-friendly, more accessible and safe for users. Using LATOI browser, users can enhance their experience with many integrated features (e-learning, logistic, video meeting, app chat, school administration system CRM). When COVID – 19 outbreak in Vietnam, surely many people know about Zoom meeting, an application to support online learning in quarantine schools. To use Zoom we will have to install this app on the phone or on the computer. Therefore, to use any features we will have to install that apps, install too many applications on the phone or computer will also greatly affect the quality and speed when using. With LATOI BROWSER has been fully integrated with all features without taking up much space on your phone or computer’s memory, that allows your phone or computer to run more smoothly.

From December 2020, LATOI BROWSER supports both computers and phones with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS operating systems. LATOI browser is integrated with open source technology that allows editing and adding directly to the code source, optimizing the browser features without having to add plugins. In addition, LATOI browser is integrated with WEB RTC technology that allows the browser to communicate in real time such as video calling, playing games, transferring data without going through any intermediaries that optimizes the processing speed.

Limiting the influence of the Internet – Break all barriers – Freedom of digital space

Unlike other browsers, LATOI Browser is less dependent on link parameters. The engineers designed LATOI Browser want to be free in the digital space, the barriers are not a reason to limit the experience. LATOI Browser will establish its own VPN connections when needed to serve private experience securely and freely. That means users do not need any additional software or knowledge to gain freedom in the digital world, all of the user demands will simply be solved by using and experiencing.

High-efficient security – Not archived user data – Saving memory space

Most browsers use search engines that collect and store search data. When it comes to search we immediately think of Google, but few people know that Google even links that data to your account. Recorded information is used to personalize search results and show you targeted ads.  LATOI BROWSER  uses a copyright search engine that does not track users, does not store user data, and does not personalize your search results.

Popular and free browsers on the Internet often link with advertisers and third party providers to closely monitor user activities on the browser. LATOI Browser does not store cookies for serving ads, so no user data is stored locally without consent. Local data such as first-party cookies are completely deleted at any time by the user. LATOI Browser also enhances the privacy protection features during web browsing with HTTPS encryption, allowing to encrypt any websites during access. LATOI Browser is designed specifically to meet the security needs of LATOI GROUP (AUSTRALIA), it is not designed towards user data but focuses on the most advanced security technologies.

Fast Browsing Speed – Automatic Ads Filter

LATOI BROWSER automatically blocks ads without installing any other ad blocking software on the Internet. This feature is integrated into the core of the Browser to protect users from being tracked by advertisers, in addition to helping to protect the device against malicious ads. LATOI BROWSER blocks third-party ads, not first-party ads. That means the user has the option to use or delete cookies on a given website for the experience of using it. The speed of LATOI BROWSER is quite fast (I personally feel smoother than Chrome) because it does not support third-party ads, device resources are used to focus on security and user experience.

Disadvantages of LATOI Browser

There are too many advantages to say about a technology product in the digital world, but it is always a mistake to ignore the disadvantages of the worldview for user experience. Due to being developed with the latest and most secure technology on LATOI group’s criteria, hardware requirements as well as OS version are quite high, which limits the installation on some devices. Some minor bugs appear and are still waiting for the engineers to complete.


Although LATOI BROWSER has just been released, when compared directly to Chrome, this browser still has certain advantages. Small bugs at present can be completed in the future. Experience today to enjoy the superior features of LATOI BROWSER. Most importantly, the Vietnamese people prioritize the using Vietnamese goods. To be success, LATOI Browser need  the welcome of the users. Please follow the steps below to build a Vietnamese brand that develops across the five continents.

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